How it works

What is GoQuestion?

GoQuestion is a simple cloud-based feedback and reporting platform. Use it to create, distribute and analyse periodic reports and feedback. All this while focusing on an essential aspect: simplicity.

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On-location server with GoQuestion installed


Complete website integration


Sharepoint and portlet integration


CRM, EFM integration


Email server integration



Business intelligence now

  • Get feedback from customers and keep your business on track
  • Know how your employees think and reward the exceptional
  • Improve the quality of your services


Integrate business processes

We can analyze your business processes in close cooperation with you and customize GoQuestion so that you can have all the latest data of what's going on.


Gather automated periodic reports and feedback

Comfortably create a report to send out. With just a few clicks put together the placeholders for the data you need to collect. After you're done you can send the report out to your participants. Or schedule it and send it out periodically.


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Automated Periodic Reports

Automatize your periodic feedback

Create a statistical report or survey and send it out to your participants. Set up a period when your reports should be sent and sit back and relax. Track your results and take appropriate action!

Track missed reports - remind or re-invite your participants

Send reminders to your users who have not yet responded or forgot to respond. Re-invite the users who have submitted erroneous data.

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View Real-Time Results

View and filter report data in real time

View your results in the data center with real time charts and tables while your respondents fill out the survey. Just leave the page open and it will instantly be updated.

Result history

View the result history as the responses came in and filter them accordingly.

Share your results and decide collaboratively

Share your results with the community or publish them. Decide on your next actions collaboratively.

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Safe publishing

Forgot an important question?

You can modify your questionnaire even after you have gone live with it. All this highly easily and flexibly without affecting you current responses.

What if you work all night setting the survey goals straight, modifying each question to make it easier for your audience and bam! The next day it dawns on you. You realize you left out a question of the utmost importance. What do you do? Don't panic, with GoQuestion you can simply go back and add a new question or even modify an existing question. It will instantly get updated on your questionnaire instance.

Adjust an answer according to the results

You might have a long-running questionnaire or require feedback. You see that your respondents are responding to one of your questions with "Don't care/Don't know/No answer". You might have attacked them in a personal spot or asking them too much. It might happen that with the right question they will respond.

Unlike with other online survey tools, with GoQuestion you can tamper with the survey even after you've gone live. Never miss an important answer.

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Integrate with your business

Integrate GoQuestion with your Enterprise Content Management Solution

Add GoQuestion to your existing ECM (Enterprise Content Management) system. Now you have everything in one place and you and your company can use it seamlessly.

Integrate with Microsoft(r) Office Sharepoint

Integrate with Liferay Portal

Integrate with Alfresco ECM

Safety and In-page Automatic Saving

GoQuestion in-page automatic saving

In case of a statistical report when your participants need to enter large amounts of data on a page GoQuestion will automatically save this data every 30 seconds.

Safety first

While filling in a report the participant may choose to continue later by simply closing their browser window. Next time they open the report they will be able to continue where they left off thanks to the in-page saving.

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Your Reports Anywhere

Let your customers fill in your questionnaire on different devices

Use any web-enabled device out there. Whether your customers prefer to take their time filling in your report or survey on the train, on the bus or on the couch, we will make sure they have a comfortable and optimized experience with any gadget they might have at hand.

Web Browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Mozilla, Opera, Chrome and more.

Mobile Devices: iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Industrial PDAs

Take your report with you

When you need to be mobile with your customers just take your favorite gadget and ask your participants directly.

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Cloud Services API

Access the GoQuestion Cloud Services API

You and your company has the possibility to access your own data with the cloud services API within GoQuestion. This is a specially crafted set of data which you can access and use directly from your application, ECM or ERP solution.

Track the Progress of your Business

See how your business evolves

By tracking the periodic results you will be able to benchmark the performance of your business. Find out when you need to make changes and if everything is on the right track.

Get the latest results and act safely

You always have the latest data that you can rely on. Base your decisions based on the reports in order to steer safely. 

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