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The free subscription will be available to you when you register. Let us know what you think and how you are using the system so we can activate some of the enterprise features for you for free!

One-Time Prepaid

  Basic Premium Enterprise
Create Periodic Reports and Surveys 5 1 1
Email Invitations and Tracking 50 1.000 10.000
Respondents 500 10.000 20.000
Price Free to try call call

For all prepaid options all of the other features below apply.


  Basic Premium Enterprise
Support NEW!      
Email Support  
Telephone Support  
Professional social research assistance     contact us
Automated Periodic Surveys and Reports  
Custom email server integration    
CRM Integration   contact us contact us
Portlet or EFM integration     contact us
Sharepoint integration     contact us
Complete website integration     contact us
Create Questions      
Create Periodic Reports and Surveys 5 5/month unlimited
Skip Logic
Filter Respondents
Add Logo Limited Offer
iPhone Surveys
Edit Questions
Collect Responses      
In-page Automatic Saving limited offer up to 20 questions
Time Track for Each Question   per 1 milestone
Data Milestone Support   2 milestones
Address Book      
Email Importer&Manager
Email Lists
Access Tokens
Private Tokens
Invitation Manager      
Email Invitations 50 1.000/month 10.000/month
Send-out Scheduler Immediate
Quota Manager  
Respondents 500 10.000/month unlimited
Analyze and Visualize Results      
View Real-time results      
Real-Time Results
Real-Time Graphs and Charts
Real-Time Filtering
View Individual Responses
Data Export      
Data Export (CSV)
Data Export (XLS)
Data Export (SPSS) Limited offer
Data Export (XML)  
Create Reports
Print Results
Result Export (PDF)
Integration and Sharing      
Public Token Access
Private Token Access Limited offer limited by invitations unlimited
Custom Token Access  
Share Real-Time Results Limited offer
Social Sharing (Facebook, Twitter, etc)
Price FREE to try per year, call per year, call